Motorhome winter care

Družina kampira na Hrvaškem
Camping outside a designated campsite in Croatia can lead to the sealing of a motorhome!
23. February, 2018
Opozorila in priporočila za varno uporabo avtodoma
Warnings and recommendations for safe use of the motorhome
23. February, 2018

We would like to draw your attention to the particular concern that is necessary for winter trips with a motorhome or in cases when the outside temperature drops below 3 °C!

How to handle with motorhome if the outdoor temperature drops below 3 °C:

  • Make sure that the vehicle has tires suitable for snow – winter tires or tires M + S are in winter allowed in Slovenia, but in some countries, chains are required or winter tires only!
  • Check all fluids in the engine.
  • Make sure you have enough gas (propane) to heat your motorhome.
  • Check twice if you know how to operate the heating unit and change the gas cylinders.
  • Important notice about WATER – the camper automatically drains water from the tank when the internal temperature drops below 3 °C! Note: Always keep the heating unit on, even if you are not in the vehicle! wishes you a pleasant trip while traveling with our motorhomes!