Warnings and recommendations for safe use of the motorhome

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23. February, 2018
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Warnings and recommendations for safe use of the motorhome

To make your trip with a motorhome comfortable and safe, we have prepared some recommendations for you:

  • Reduce speed of your driving and adjust to the heaviness of your vehicle.
  • The windows in the living area must be closed during driving.
  • Avoid fire in a motorhome and do not burn a fire for cooking near the motorhome. Always move away from the motorhome, as the interior is partly made of wood and plastic, both well burning.
  • Inlet/outlet of air vents and refrigerator should be free.
  • Awning (tenda): When opening an folding awning, the door of a motorhome should be closed. Open awning should be supported with support bars and securely tightened. When you are not near the motorhome, awning (tenda) has to be closed in a cassette. Due to unpredictable external conditions (wind), never leave open awning without supervision.
  • Interior equipment of the motorhome: All drawers, cabinets, doors etc., which are part of interior design, are sensitive and opens with ease, without force. In case of using force, they may be damaged.
  • Motorhome windows: All windows in the living area must be closed while driving (otherwise they can break due to air resistance).
  • Heating: Turn on heating in the winter, otherwise the tank will automatically discharge when the temperature drops below 4 °C.
  • Toilet: Use appropriate chemicals and biodegradable toilet paper in the toilet. To rinse, first, open the flap (left under the shell) and press the button above the rinse flask. Wc cassette is removed on the left side. The clean cassette must have 0.7 dcl cleaners and 1.5 l of water.
  • Cooker – camper gas hob: For the cooking on camper gas hob use gas. The cover must be laid down- placed on the stove – while driving.
  • Refrigerator: Recommended use on gas, if you are in the camp, it is possible to connect to 220 V and 12 V. Clean the refrigerator after switching off (after rent), leaving its door open, otherwise, the mold can grow and cause a number of health issues.

We advise you to fully consider the recommendations and warnings mentioned above when traveling with a motorhome. You can respond to any possible consequences due to non-observance of the instructions and recommendations, which is also stated in the General Terms and Conditions for the rental of a motorhome.

Adriatik.si wishes you a pleasant trip while traveling with our motorhomes!