Terms of Payment

We provide the following payment methods:

  • With cash on takeover (partial amount in the amount of 40% of the total rent price as confirmation of the booking must be done before, at the signing of the contract),
  • By transfer to the bank account in the amount of 40% of the total rent price at the time of the conclusion of the contract with the company Saša Primožič s.p. (after you get the offer / invoice).

If the rent is cancelled less than 30 days before departure, the partial amount (paid in advance) is not refundable!

The tenant receives a printed invoice from the provider, after the whole payment of the lease is done.
We reserve the right to refuse payment done in last minute by a method with cash or payment by credit card at the time of take over.


All prices are in EUR unless expressly provided otherwise.

The price list is valid from 11th January 2022.

Price listed near each motorhome contains only the cost of renting a motorhome and does not include the mandatory take lower cost or / and mandatory damage deposit.

The price you get from a provider by invoice contains the rental price and the cost of cleaning.

The lease agreement between the provider and the tenant is concluded at the moment when the provider receives a 50% advance payment of the amount of the lease. From that moment, all prices and other terms are fixed and apply to the provider as well as to a tenant.

Despite many efforts to ensure the up to date and accurate information, it may happen that the data on a webpage is sometimes incorrect. In this case, or in the case that the price changes during the processing of orders, the provider will allow the tenant to withdraw from the lease and will offer a solution that will be of mutual satisfaction.