The following are the General Terms and Conditions for motorhome and boat rental that are in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of company Saša Primožič s.p. – personal data, subscriptions, databases etc.

Introductory provisions
The text of the applicable “Terms and conditions” is binding for all parties entering into a legal relationship with the company Saša Primožič s.p., business services and sales. It is considered that the individual is aware and accepting of the General Terms and Conditions.


General Data Protection
Towards meeting the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) company Saša Primožič s.p. provides stricter personal data control. Below are listed details about the purpose of the information obtained on this website, how information is used and rights for individuals (the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling). You can request access to the following information at any time from the data controller Saša Primožič s.p., Kidričeva ulica 60, 1236 Trzin, mail:

Types of personal data, purpose and legal basis for data processing: The types of personal data you provide to us on the ‘Reservations’ page are used for the purpose of providing information about motorhome availability for the time period you are interested in and for preparation of a rental agreement. We need your name and surname and e-mail address to provide information, and you can also provide us your postal address (address, ZIP code, city) and phone number. You provide this data voluntary, which means that we collect your personal data only if you provide them filling the online form – by voluntarily clicking on ‘Send inquiry’ your message becomes a document with a legal basis for data processing. Upon request, you have the right to access your personal data. We assure you that we store and process your personal data only for the purpose of informing you about motorhome availability and further lease process. The specified email address is not used to send promotional e-mails. Personal data are used in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected, and the company does not transfer your personal information to third parties. You have the right to transfer data (receiving data in a commonly used, machine-readable form, or transmitting data to another controller); whenever you can request a correction of inaccurate personal data or update incomplete personal data; you can restrict processing – if you dispute the accuracy of the data (for a period allowing the data controller to verify the accuracy of personal data); if processing is illegal and you request a restriction on the use of data instead of deletion; if the data controller no longer needs it for processing needs, and you need them to enforce or defend legal claims; if you file an objection to the processing of your information on the basis of the legitimate interests of the controller until the legality of processing is verified.
Period of collecting personal data: Your personal data is only kept for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the individual data were collected. After completing the purpose for which the data were collected, your personal data is immediately irretrievably and permanently deleted.
Personal data users: We store your personal data in the central business program. The computer systems we use are protected against the unintended and illegal access, alteration, disclosure or dissemination of data by unauthorized persons and the accidental or unlawful loss and destruction of personal data. Personal data are disclosed only to authorized people in the company who access the central business program for the purpose of fulfilling your inquiry, postal service providers and IT service providers in the context of servicing and maintaining the software.
To access your personal data you can contact data controller – company Saša Primožič s.p., Kidričeva ulica 60, 1236 Trzin or by e-mail For the purposes of identification the company Saša Primožič s.p. reserves the right to request additional information for identification, and can only take action if it proves that it cannot reliably identify the person who initiated the process of accessing personal data. Company Saša Primožič s.p. will respond to each request as soon as possible without undue delay and in accordance with legal requirements and notify you of the action taken. Whenever you have the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the law in the field of personal data protection.


Future modification of the general terms
Company Saša Primožič s.p. reserves the right to change the “Terms and Conditions”.

In the event that an individual does not require a ban on the use of his/her personal data, Saša Primožič s.p. shall assume that the individual agrees with amendments of new “Terms and Conditions”.

Limitation of reproducing of content
Articles, pictures, videos and other content available on the website can only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes. They must contain all the warnings about copyright and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise disseminated without reference to the source.

Exclusion of liability
Company Saša Primožič s.p. disclaims any liability for any damage that may be caused to any individual because of the content published on the website

Questions and complaints
For any question or complaint, an individual may contact us by phone number +386 31 781 022 or e-mail


Contract withdrawal

If the rent is cancelled less than 30 days before departure, the advance payment is not refundable!

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must notify a company by an unambiguous statement (enter the name, physical address and, if possible, the telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the company) of its decision to withdraw from the contract (eg letter, sent by post, fax or e-mail). For this purpose, the consumer may optionally use the attached model withdrawal form.

Withdrawal form
In accordance with the ZVPot (article 43d), the consumer may submit a notice of resignation to the company on the form (by post, fax or e-mail) indicating the following information:
– Name, address and, if possible, the fax number and e-mail address of the company
– I am informing you (*) of withdrawing (*) from the contract to provide this service (*)
– Booked on (*)
– Consumer’s name
– Consumer’s address
– Consumer’s signature (only if the form is sent in paper form)

A withdrawal declaration shall be deemed to have been made by the consumer in good time if it is sent within the time limit set for the withdrawal from the contract. The burden of proof regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal referred to in this Article shall be borne by the consumer.


General conditions for renting a motorhome – an integral part of the rental contract

1. Motorhome can be hired by a person who:
– has at least two (2) identity document and a credit card or a valid:
1. PERSONAL DOCUMENT with picture
3. CREDIT CARD (also when buying 100% insurance, because of traffic offences and suspicion of involvement in the theft),
– Is older than 23 years,
– Has at least 3 years of valid driving license,
– Is regularly employed,
– Has never been convicted, was not, nor is in the process of criminal offences,
– Is an experienced driver,
– Undertakes to act as a good manager and
– A tenant with signing the contract, guarantee that he gave correct information about himself.

2. A rented vehicle can be used and operated only by a tenant, who is indicated in the contract. Tenant is also not allowed to lend the vehicle to another person. The tenant must take into account the road traffic regulations. In the case of any emergencies that happened because the tenant didn’t follow traffic regulations can cause additional problems with the insurance company, which in this case will be a financial burden for the tenant. The lessor has the right to pursue the tenant for the resulting penalties or costs of traffic accidents and insurance caused by the tenant at the time when the vehicle was hired. Fines and costs may be incurred after the lease, so the landlord has the right to pursue the tenant for up to 2 years after renting a motorhome. Potential penalties for road traffic offences go exclusively at the expense of the lessee (including the case where the punishment arrives by post, after returned motorhome).

3. It’s not allowed to bring pets into the vehicle, except in the case of a special agreement.

Car insurance
1. The vehicle has a comprehensive insurance by 1% deductible franchise. In the case of an accident which is covered by our insurance policy, the tenant covers damage, deductible franchise and the excess loss of the bonus. If the lessor finds that the reason of an accident, happened because the driver was under influence of alcohol or guilty of gross negligence, comprehensive insurance does not apply, so all the costs of repairs will become a full burden of the tenant (including loss of income, bonuses etc…).

2. When taking a vehicle the tenant has to pay the deposit of 700, 900 or 1200 EUR, to cover likely costs: excess in the event of an accident, minor injuries that do not exceed the amount of deductible franchise, the delay at the recovery of the vehicle, the potential costs of cleaning and fuel, damages to equipment and inventory, all which are not included in comprehensive insurance.

3. Deposit of the security shall be returned within eight working days, or after payment of your card provider in our account! In case of the damage, we will return the rest of deposit after we figure the cost of damage. The deposit is fully refunded after meeting the following conditions: The vehicle is returned in perfect condition (in case of theft of the vehicle the deposit will not be returned), a motorhome is clean inside and outside and with a full tank of fuel. The condition is also that all devices in the vehicle are operating and the vehicle is returned within the agreed time. Any damage shall be charged separately. In case of damage, we will take into account all the costs of remedial work, as well as time and travelling costs.

Costs in case of delayed return of the vehicle (without the written consent of the lessor):
1 to 5 hours – 105 EUR
6 to 12 hours – 220 EUR
more than 12 hours – forfeit of the entire security deposit
more than 24 hours additional 250 EUR for every additional day and criminal liability and forfeit of the entire security deposit

In case that the deposit would not be sufficient to eliminate the damage identified, the lessor has the right to require a surcharge. Return of the deposit shall be retained until the repair of defects.

The failure of the vehicle (engine) on the way
In the case that the vehicle is still mostly functional, the tenant is given the chance to repair the damage by themselves – in that kind of situation after the prior agreement with company Saša Primožič s.p., the company will return caused costs. In the event of failure of the vehicle (not interior design), the tenant has to repair the damage in the nearest qualified service and immediately inform the company Saša Primožič s.p. The lessor is not obliged to reimburse the cost of repairs and other expenses if it’s established that the failure occurred on the trip and by tenant fault. The tenant must deal with a vehicle as he would deal with his own. In case of a traffic accident or vehicle damage, the lessor must be notified immediately. In case of vehicle damage, the lessor is not obliged to provide the replacement of the vehicle, or to cover any costs that the tenant might have in such case. With his signature, the tenant is proclaiming, that he will not demand such claim.

Takeover and return of the vehicle
At the takeover and return of the vehicle, the vehicle is examined. Both sides (tenant and the lessor) sign the document where is declared the state of the reserved vehicle. When the tenant is taking the vehicle, the lessor describes all the operation of the vehicle and draw attention to the particularities of driving and use. At the time of the takeover, you have to sign the vehicle lease (in which there are described also this general conditions of the lease). You will take the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and it has to be in the same state when returned, otherwise, the difference is subtracted from the advance payment. You will also get empty toilet-box (WC) and it has to be returned in the same condition.

Procedure in case of accident, theft of vehicle or suspected abuse
In case of an accident, the theft or suspected abuse of the vehicle, the tenant has to apply the first aid to the participant (as far as this is possible). He must immediately notify the lessor and the police on a further procedure. It is mandatory to make a police record! In case of suspicion that the accident was caused by negligence, and so on, the tenant shall bear all the costs incurred by the lessor, including resulting financial damage.

Repairs and accidents
In case of a breakdown of the motorhome during the rental period, the user attempts to remedy the malfunction at the nearest authorized service centre by prior arrangement with the owner. If the fault is not caused by the user, he shall provide the original invoice at the return of the motorhome, which must contain data of the owner of the motorhome. Only and exclusively, in this case, the lessor reimburses the user the costs incurred. The user undertakes to inform the police (which is responsible for the country in which the accident happened) for any damage to the motorhome in case of an accident (traffic accident, place, car breakage, car parking etc.) and immediately called the owner. The user of the motorhome undertakes to inform the owner of the damage immediately after the occurrence of the damage, which can not be immediately remedied and describe it in detail. The user must provide the owner with the relevant documentation and attach a sketch of the damage to the motorhome. An accident record must include the names and details of all participants in the accident. In case of a traffic accident due to driver’s intoxication by alcohol, all costs are paid by the user himself.

Winter equipment, offences and winter use
1. All vehicles are equipped in accordance with the law, therefore they’re normally not equipped with winter tires, however, they have good tires and chains for the drive wheels. Before departure, the tenant has to check whether any of the foreign countries in which he will travel, requires more of additional equipment, than the one described in rules in the Republic of Slovenia. All of the possible harm or offence will be a responsibility of the tenant. (For example, in Finland, the driver has no subject insurance in winter, when the vehicle is not equipped with winter tires etc). Also the tenant is responsible, for any damage that could be caused by “frost” on the vehicle, that means that if there is water in any tank of the vehicle, the temperature of the vehicle must not fall below 5 C, otherwise there is big possibility of damage, which the tenant has to pay.

2. The tenant should read and take into account all guidance of the lessor, that you can find on the website of the producer. You have to take into account the general conditions, the instructions of security authorities, repair, etc.. Otherwise you will be liable for any newly created damage.


Rental seasons
Motorhomes are rented out in three different seasons:

  • Low season motorhomes rental: 15.3. – 19.4. and 8.5. – 21.6. and 28.8. – 4.11.
  • High season motorhomes rental (minimum rental is 5 days): 20.4. – 7.5. and 22.6. – 27.8.
  • Winter season motorhomes rental: 5.11. – 15.3.

Boats are rented in three different seasons (minimum rental is 3 days):

  • Low season boat rental: 6.11. – 20.4.
  • Middle season boat rental: 21.4. – 15.6 and 25.8. – 5.11.
  • High season boat rental: 16.6. – 24.8.


Rent a motorhome for a holiday in Croatia
1. “Hirer ‘Name and Surname’ is explicitly aware of the Law on amendments to the restaurant (the Law on gastronomy – Zakon o izmjenama Zakona o ugostiteljskoj djelatnosti) adopted on 1 April 2009, in use since May 2009, in which camping (in the extreme, this means a simple overnight stay at the motorhome or any motorhome parking outside the dedicated parking space) outside of camps in Croatia offense that is punishable by a fine. In the case of such unauthorized camping on private property (ie that which is not a state, municipal or city), the inspector may decide for the immediate sealing of motorhome for a period of 60 days. An offsealing motorhome is a criminal offence.

The lessee undertakes to use in the case under this contract hired motorhome in Croatia will not violate the above law. In the event of a breach of the tenant is fully liable for all damages including the reimbursement of total income of the lessor because of unavailability of vehicle at the time of sealing, the cost of transporting the vehicle back to the lessor after the expiry of the period of seals, damage to motorhome over a period of sealing due to vandalism, burglary, theft, intrusion of water, rodents or any other damage occurring as a result of failure to comply with the landlord above the law.”

Rental condition for boats
The boat license must have been in possession for at least 4 years fot the person who will operate rented boat.



In the cases that lead to failure or switching vehicles ordered, the lessor will provide a vehicle in the same category. The tenant has to assume adoption without any compensation. Vehicles in the standard category can be older. Minor damage may occur because of the of the older version of the vehicle, for which the lessor is not liable.

Coupons, gift vouchers and promotional offers can not be used during the high season, during the First May school holidays, and during autumn school holidays.

By signing the rental contract you shall be deemed that the tenant is aware of these general conditions for hiring, which are the annex and form part of the contract.


Frankfurt table

Table because of its sophistication achieved significant echo and use both in Germany as well as some other countries (Austria, Switzerland). It’s a help for a traveller, so he can more easily assess what may be his real claim to the organizer.

TABLE is NOT BINDING! In the assessment, we have to take into the account the circumstances of the individual case.

The following points should be considered when calculating the amount to:

1. Minor adverse effects are not considered.

2. The amount of the percentage depends on frame rates according to the intensity of the interference. This is independent of the properties of the individual contributor (age, gender, special sensitivity, particularly immune) usually.

In special circumstances, a traveller who had the tour operator making the booking, with substantial impairment of the individual maximum rate may rise by 50%.
In case of defects of a group, IV eliminates a reduction if an impairment for the traveller had not been obvious or detectable.

3. The percentage is basically the total tour price (including shipping cost) applicable.
As far as impairments during the duration occur only temporary, a reduction is applied only to the corresponding proportion. The same applies if the warranty obligations of the tour operator for culpable failure notification of the defect ( § 651 d para. 2 BGB ) or for failure to adopt a suitable replacement offer do not apply.
For minor defects not exceeding l0%, the percentage can be set on the price of the stay, if it has not changed significantly by the shortcomings of the itinerary.
For composite trips, of which at least a part of travel can be booked separately, the reduction in the rule is to be calculated from the price of the travel section to which the deficiencies eliminated.

4. In the presence of multiple defects positions, the percentages are added.
If the subject matter of the contract, accommodation and full board, the following overall percentages for a service group is considered upper limit:
Group I (Accommodation) 50%
Group II (catering) 50%
Group III (Transport) 20%
Group IV (Other) 30%

If the subject matter of the contract accommodation and half-board increase, the rates of Group I by 25% and reduce the rates of group II by 25%. The following overall percentages within a service group must not be exceeded:
Group I (Accommodation) 62.5%
Group II (catering) 37.5%
Group III (Transport) 20%
Group IV (Other) 30%

If the subject matter of the contract, the accommodation with breakfast, then increase the rates by 66.6% in group I and group II reduce the rates of 66.6%. The following overall percentages within a service group must not be exceeded:
Group I (Accommodation) 83.3%
Group II (catering) l6,7%
Group III (Transport) 20%
Group IV (Other) 30%

If the subject matter of the contract only increase the accommodation so the rates for Group I by 100%; In individual cases, the total percentage of Group I to go 100%. For Group III, it remains with the total percentage of 20% for the group IV in the overall percentage of 30%.

5. the trip as a whole is seriously impaired culpably caused by defects in individual travel services or breach of duty by the tour operator, the reduction rates up to full fare increase ( § 651 f para. 2 BGB).

6. Other
A cancellation after § 651 Abs. 1 BGB will be considered only if defects of at least 20% are present. This is the case of termination after a deadline (§ 651 e para. 2 sentence 1 BGB) to the not timely corrected deficiencies in immediate termination (§ 651 para 2 e 2 BGB) to the present when submitting the notice of termination defects turn off.
§ 651 Abs. 2 BGB in the form of a replacement holiday is usually only considered if not timely remedied faults are present with a total weight of at least 50%.