Grand Royal – motorhome for 4 people as a motorhome rental service offers for rent a motorhome for 4 people Grand Royal, produced in year 2017. This newer motorhome is equipped with a double bed in the rear of the motorhome and has an extra bed for another 2 people, which is assembled in the front of the motorhome. The motor air conditioning and webasto heating system provide a pleasant journey and stay in all seasons. The motorhome has a motorhome awning (tenda). offers for rent a newer motorhome Grand Royal, produced in the year 2017. It is suitable for up to 4 people. The motorhome with 6.99 m length can be easily operated due to its additional equipment. The motorhome is equipped with a cruise control, it has a radio with navigation, large electric caravan skylight window, webasto heating system (diesel and electric heating). This medium-sized caravan has 4 seats and 4 beds. Optimal interior layout, comprising lockers, drawers and storage areas, allows the storage of supplies during the rental period. The motorhome for 4 people is equipped with a camper gas hob and has a medium-sized refrigerator with built-in freezer compartment. Toilet with shower is practically arranged, and there is a dose of chemicals for a toilet available. The motorhome has camping equipment that is stored in a box for storing camping equipment. Pictures of the exterior and interior of the motorhome can be viewed in the gallery. If you have any questions about equipment or motorhome rental, contact us. If you have no idea where to go with a motorhome, find some tips on the blog.


Motorhome specifications

  • High standard motorhome
  • Newer motorhome, produced in a year 2017
  • Powerful engine and motorhome equipment
  • Easy handling despite 6.99 m length
  • Cruise control
  • Car radio with navigation
  • Two double beds
  • Box for storing camping equipment


  • Motor air conditioning
  • Webasto heating system - diesel and electrical heating
  • ABS brake system
  • Electric power front windows
  • Central locking system
  • Motorhome awning (tenda)
  • Camping equipment
  • Refrigerator
  • Camper gas hob
  • Gas cylinder
  • Dose of chemicals for a toilet

360° virtual tour

Renting a motorhome is one of the ways to spend vacation. Experience traveling with a motorhome and get an unforgettable holiday at a reasonable price.


Rental motorhomes location: Ljubljana, other pick-up points for extra payment

Low season rental prices

15.3. - 19.4. and 8.5. - 21.6. and 28.8. – 4.11.

Rent a motorhome for more than 14 days 80 € / day
Rent a motorhome from 7 till 14 days 85 € / day
Rent a motorhome up to 6 days 90 € / day

High season rental prices

20.4. – 7.5. and 22.6. – 27.8.

Rent a motorhome for more than 14 days 95 € / day
Rent a motorhome from 7 till 14 days 105 € / day
Rent a motorhome up to 6 days 115 € / day

Winter season rental price

5.11. - 15.3.

Rent per day 70 € / day

List of additional payments when renting a motorhome

The security deposit for motorhome 500 €
Takeover costs (cleaning, chemicals for toilet, Slovenian vignette for highway, gas propane and
information about how to use motorhome)
125 €
Parking your car in our car park during the rental FREE
Surcharge for stays of domestic animals (pets) in the motorhome 20 € / day
Smoking is prohibited in the motorhome! In case of violation shall be paid a penalty of 300 €.
Toilet cassette must be empty on the return of the motorhome. In case that a toilet cassette is full we will charge additionally 100 €.
Kitchen supplies FREE, dirty kitchen utensils returned are charged 39 €.
Maximum mileage (kilometers traveled) 300 km / day, 2100 km / week. Exceeding the mileage will be charged 0,30 € / km.
The delay in returning a motorhome is charged 50 € / hour.
An additional payment for the desired pick-up location; one-way transfer is 0.80 EUR / km with prior announcement!

Renting an additional equipment for motorhomes

Garmin 25 €
Additional bottle of toilet chemicals 20 €
Additional gas cylinder (The lost gas cylinder is charged 120 €). 30 €
Bedding per person 10 €
A bicycle holder (lump sum for the rental period) 50 €
Bicycle 8 € / day
Electric bike 15 € / day
Electric scooter 8 € / day
SUP 6 € / day
Tent for camping 20 €
Inflatable mattress bed for 2 people 25 €
Heater / calorifier 5 €
Inverter 10 €